Ramjas Foundation is playing a prominent role for the last more than 100 years in the field of education. Foundation is putting special emphasis on the moral education and on extra-curricular activities.

Our Mission

We need to prepare the child for leadership with roots in our culture and wings for the future.

Our Goal -

to impart an all-round education which will make students physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually capable, emotionally balanced, socially responsible and morally forthright. to inspire creativity among students and encourage them to discover their innate talents and aptitudes through a pleasurable and adventurous learning process and help them visualize their future ambitions and make them strive hard towards actualizing their goals by continually excelling themselves. to inculcate practical thinking in students along with a sense of 'discrimination' and 'purpose' towards the action they undertake - so that they acquire knowledge and skills to weigh and consider outcomes with reason, empathy and intuitive judgment. to train students to be self-reliant, resourceful and effectively manage the challenges of life while harmoniously adapting to constant changes in the environment with self-confidence, general awareness, self- control and mature symbiotic relationships. to instill human values in students and mould them to become men and women of character - to act as agents of positive change in their society, for creating a better future and standard of life.

Our Mission Statement -

The mission of the Ramjas Foundation is to provide a safe and nurturing community where diversity is celebrated, mutual respect among adults and children is practiced, and where parents are seen as valued partners in layering the foundation of life-long learning. the Foundation creates an environment supportive of courageous endeavors and is committed to helping all children achieve academic excellence through intellectual, creative, and physical challenges, enabling them to function as productive and successful citizen in a changing society. the motto, Shraddha, Gyan Karm speaks of its emphasis on devotion, wisdom and commitment to hard work.

Our Vision

At Ramjas, we believe in holistic education that goes beyond achieving academic excellence and vocational training.

Role of Foundation

The role of the Foundation is :

  • To elect Office Bearers of the Foundation as well as of the Managing Committee
  • To elect or re-elect 1/3rd members of the Managing Committee
  • To nominate 10 members of the Governing body of Ramjas College
  • To approve budgets and audited accounts duly recommended by the Managing Committee

Role of Managing Committee »

  • It has all the executive powers, appointment, dismissal, investment, operation of Bank Accounts and Securities. To constitute different sub committees schools Managing Committees and its office bearers. To prepare Annual Budgets and to get accounts audited annually.
  • Every school has a different Managing Committee having a Chairman and a Manager, besides Principal and government nominee and parent as well as teacher representative


Shri. Vinod Kumar Gupta


Shri. Rajinder Mohan


Rajesh Sansawal

Head of School